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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment to Preserve Natural Teeth

root-canal-therapyWhen a tooth is compromised due to a crack, a cavity, gum disease or excessive wear it is vulnerable to serious damage. This damage can take the form of bacteria that poisons a tooth from the inside by destroying the root and the dental pulp, the soft tissue, that runs from the inside of the canal to the root of the tooth. This dental pulp is mostly blood vessels as well as nerve and tissue fibres and is essential for maintaining healthy teeth. This is the common cause of root canal disease and generally involves infection, swelling and pain.

Root canal treatment offers you an alternative to extraction. Instead, you can preserve the natural look of the tooth despite decay destroying the tooth from the inside. The additional bonus associated with root canal treatment is that you do not need to worry about filling a gap in your smile.

At Narre Warren Dental Care, we have access to modern facilities and the technical equipment required to perform with precision and care.

Ideally, you should be proactive about preventative intraoral care. If you maintain healthy teeth and gums and schedule regular check-ups, you may not need to undergo root canal treatment.

Inflamed, Infected Teeth Generally Require Urgent Attention
A compromised tooth with an inflamed pulp can be quite painful for a patient which is why we would arrange for our emergency dentist address your pain relief and treatment needs. Our dentists would need to extract the inflamed tissue and prevent bacteria from spreading in the canals.

Infected teeth can cause major health issues such as abscesses and the potential for toxic shock, jaw bone damage and teeth loss as a result of harmful bacteria. Again, this is a case for urgent care.

Follow Up with a Check-up

If you have concerns about your intraoral health or you would like to learn more about our services, contact us today.