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Oral Hygiene Tips

Oral Hygiene Tips to Preserve Your Teeth

How to Look After Your Teeth

Are you taking good care of your teeth? Rather than wait for your next visit to the dentist you can be proactive in the war against tooth decay and gum disease The team at Narre Warren Dental Care recommend these tips to help you better manage your intraoral health.

Watch Your Liquid Calorie Intake and Food Consumption
Sugar is one of the major contributing causes for acid wear and tooth decay. How much soft drink would you guzzle in a day? Did you know that a can of Coke has 40g of sugar ?

Think about other foods that you might munch on for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sugar is a natural ingredient that can also be found in fruit and honey.

So long as you brush and floss regularly then you can afford to consume sugar in moderation.

Avoid Acid Wash
Soft drink can also hasten the process of wearing down the enamel of your teeth. Diet is an important factor here. The acidity of lemon juice and citrus, for instance, does not do your intraoral health any favours. Exposing enamel and dentine to acid will eventually lead to irreversible damage if you do not clean your teeth properly.

Mitigate the Negative Effects of Grinding Teeth
Whether it’s a symptom of stress or a bad habit, grinding your teeth will cause long-term damage if left unchecked. Many of our patients tend to grind their teeth while they are asleep and experience a sore jaw.

See a dentist at Narre Warren Dental Care to discuss preventative options like mouth guards and occlusal splints.

Quit Smoking
Smoking cigarettes can contribute to gum disease, tooth loss, discolouration and other detrimental conditions like oral cancer. Smoking will, over time, weaken the soft tissues in your mouth and introduce toxins and carcinogens that are prone to make you vulnerable to infection and other diseases.

If you care about your health in general, you should consider changing your lifestyle.

Manage Your Brushing and Flossing Habits
How often do you brush your teeth? Do you floss, too?

Dentists with the Australian Dental Association recommend that you brush twice a day, after breakfast and dinner for two minutes . The catch is if you have consumed something acidic you should wait an hour before cleaning your teeth.

What do you use to brush your teeth? You should either opt for a soft toothbrush or use an electric toothbrush because brushing too hard can wear tooth surfaces and cause your gums to recede. Get in touch with Narre Warren Dental Care for more advice.

Organise Regular Dental Appointments
Many of our patients only ever schedule a check-up when they are experiencing an acute toothache or other dental issue. You should be seeing one of our dentists in Narre Warren at least every six months.

If we regularly inspect your teeth, gums and jaw we can provide invaluable intraoral health advice and significantly improve your chances of preserving your natural teeth.

Our dentists use an onsite OPG X-ray machine so that you do not need to be referred externally.

Teeth Cleaning with Narre Warren Dental Care

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to look after our pearly whites, we need a professional scale and clean to remove tartar and plaque. When was the last time you had a check-up? Call Narre Warren Dental Care today to schedule an appointment.


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