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Invisible Orthodontics in Narre Warren

Invisible OrthodonticsWhen you want to straighten your teeth conveniently, we offer modern solutions with clear aligners. At Narre Warren Dental Care, Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™ are available to align your smile. Crowded teeth, overbites and a range of other issues can be easily improved.

With removable aligners, you can eat, drink, brush and floss or take pictures without worry. We also offer Cfast for cosmetic tooth alignment for those looking for a quick, tooth-coloured option.

How do I get started?

The first step is to schedule a checkup so that we can assess which option is best for you. If you decide to proceed, we’ll take impressions that are used to develop your clear aligners. We’ll assess your progress every 4-6 weeks with a new set of aligners given at each appointment.

How long will it take?

Treatment plans take about 9-18 months to complete. Please keep in mind that each individual’s situation is different and these timeframes may vary.

Achieve a more brilliant smile with invisible orthodontics. Contact us today to book a visit!


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